14 Funny Canadian Tweets

The Four Percent


so Tim hortons is under investigation by agencies for breaching privacy. mfs went from surving us double double to double crossing us.


If @canadasdragrace doesn’t do a Degrassi runway challenge, I am suing everyone. Think about the queens tryna re-create Manny’s iconic thong look!!! We need that!!!!


Mary Browns just gave me extra chicken for being polite at the drivethough, so i think by Canadian law I now am King.


it sucks that when I wear my covid mask in Canada people aren’t able to recognize me from MuchMusic’s Video on Trial


Not a good time to brag about myself but the old Greek men in my parents neighborhood really like me. I can’t walk 2 houses without getting told “I like a woman who eats”. It’s the most attention I’ve had in months and I love it.

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