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WDC NEWS 6 Bernie Sanders Strengthens Primary Lead With Nevada Caucus Win

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Las Vegas win gives Senator Sanders momentum making it more difficult for a moderate Democratic candidate to win the nomination.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Speaking To Nevada Supporters After Caucus Victory

WDC NEWS 6  Senator Bernie Sanders established himself as the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Sanders, claiming amajor victory in the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, demonstrated broad appeal in this first racially diverse presidential primary state.

Mr. Sanders, the Vermont liberal, with a lead that was more than double his nearest rivals, was  declared the winner by the The Associated Press on Saturday evening.

Sanders had a big lead among voters under 45 and Latino voters, with more than 50% support. He won 49% support from both independent voters and very liberal ones. Following strong performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, a triumph in Nevada propels him into next Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, and the following Super Tuesday contests with momentum that may make it hard to slow his march.

The apparent scale of Senator Sanders’ victory margin presented an immediate challenge to the rest of the candidates, many of whom had been counting on a drawn-out nomination fight to give them time to catch up. But time is plainly running short, and few of Mr. Sanders’s rivals have a clear path to closing his advantage. Among them, only Mr. Biden has a realistic chance of winning South Carolina next week, the sole remaining contest before Super Tuesday on March 3.

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