7 Best TV Deals to Catch Up on Oscar-Nominated Films (or the Super Bowl)

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, which means friendly football gatherings, gagillion-dollar commercials, and, naturally, big sales on great TVs. Right now is the unofficial grace period for last-minute shoppers to catch some of the best TV deals of the season as last year’s models clear out to make room for the new batch. All of the models below are priced at or below the price we saw during Black Friday. Prices have fluctuated throughout January and it’s unclear how long these sales will last, so if you’ve been dithering, now’s the time to strike.

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TV Deals

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Photograph: LG

Looking for a cinephile performance at a grand or less? LG’s brilliant C3 OLED (9/10, WIRED Recommends) abides with its smaller model sizes. This TV serves up rich and natural colors, impressive brightness, and phenomenal contrast with the perfect black levels only OLED provides. Its 120-Hz panel is optimized for fast-moving sports and other content, while gamers will enjoy next-gen features and built-in cloud gaming, no console required. The 48-inch model is a sweet value, but other sizes are on sale, like the 77-inch version, which is $200 off.

The U6K sits at the bottom of Hisense’s QLED lineup, but it’s packed with features and display tech for performance that swings well above its price. As the only mini-LED TV in its class, the U6K offers uncommonly good backlight control for convincing contrast and good brightness. It adds quantum dots for vivid color reproduction, HDMI 2.1 support for next-gen gaming features, and an intuitive Google TV interface, all for well under $500 in the 55-inch size.

Samsung S95C OLED

Samsung S95C

Photograph: Samsung

WIRED associate reviews editor Parker Hall called this TV, which mixes the immersive contrast of OLED with the brightness and rich colors of quantum dots, “the perfect TV to transport you anywhere.” As Samsung’s brightest and most vivid OLED display, the S95C (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is primed to do just that, from the Super Bowl to the deepest dungeons of your favorite RPG. It adds premium design touches like Samsung’s One Connect box to connect all your inputs over a single wire, next-gen gaming features via Samsung’s handy Game Hub, plus a 120-Hz panel for excellent motion handling.

Roku Plus Series TV

Roku Plus Series

Photograph: Roku

Roku’s decision to jump into the TV business with its own, house-made TVs has paid off in the new Plus Series. This TV offers good contrast, solid brightness, and vivid quantum dot colors, all handled by Roku’s simple and intuitive software. You’ll get all the apps and services you could ask for, streamlined through the smooth and steady interface that made Roku a household name. If ease of use is just as important to you as picture quality, this TV delivers.

Sony A95L TV

Sony A95L

Photograph: Sony

Sony’s A95L (8/10, WIRED Recommends) takes the same cocktail of quantum dots and OLED display technology that made the Samsung S95C a powerhouse and adds Sony’s crystalline processing tech. The result is the best-looking TV we’ve ever seen, rendering every film, movie, sporting event, or TV show with a mix of realism and immersion that is sure to drop a few jaws at your Super Bowl (or Oscars) shindig. The TV is decked out elsewhere as well, with next-gen gaming features, an intuitive Google TV interface, and the best onboard sound we’ve heard.

Hisense U8K TV

Hisense U8K

Photograph: Hisense

Hisense’s U8K (8/10, WIRED Recommends) simply shouldn’t look as good as it does for the money. Its stunning brightness makes it among the most powerful and striking displays you can buy, while its mini LED backlighting provides deep black levels and near-flawless contrast from the center position. The TV adds stirring quantum dot colors and plenty of extras, including next-gen gaming features, a speedy 120-Hz panel for fast-paced content, and an easy-peasy Google TV interface. While its off-axis viewing is so-so, that’s one of the only flaws you’ll find in an otherwise stellar package that is sure to impress the crowd at your Super Bowl bonanza.

Samsung QN900B TV on green backdrop

Samsung QN900B

Photograph: Best Buy

They say go big or go home, but Samsung’s 8K QN900B (8/10, WIRED Recommends) lets you do both thanks to incredible brightness, stunning colors and image processing, and four times the pixels of 4K TVs. While it’s true there’s almost zero 8K content out there, this TV does a great job upscaling 4K content with pristine detail, especially at its larger sizes. It’s decked out with plenty of goodies, including a wicked-fast panel and next-gen gaming features. And because this is the 2022 model, you’ll save quite a bit over the launch price. You don’t need 8K, but if you want to go all in and future-proof your big screen, this is a sweet deal.

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