Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Timebending Fragments And How They Work

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion features plenty of fresh ways to interact with your valley and its inhabitants, including an entirely new tool, the Royal Hourglass, which lets you find special materials for crafting various items at timebending tables. Among these materials are rare resources known as fragments that you’ll have to round up if you want to make some of the expansion’s most sought-after pieces of furniture. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and using fragments.

How to get timebending fragments in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how they work

Timebending fragments can be found anywhere in the game while using your Royal Hourglass, but only one type of fragment can spawn per day. Unfortunately, there’s no set schedule for these spawns, meaning getting the ones you want is entirely luck-based.

Your best course of action is to log in daily and check to see which timebending fragment is available that day. You can do this by going to Menu > Collection > Eternity Isle > Timebending and then scrolling down to Fragments. The one that is spawning that day will say “Available today” at the bottom of the screen when selected.

You can make furniture using timebending fragments at a timebending table.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need all of the other timebending items, including rare cores that spawn randomly, to craft lots of other things at timebending tables. As such, make sure you hang on to everything you find while seeking out timebending fragments so that you can use them later.

Once you’ve found ten fragments you need to craft a piece of furniture and gathered enough Glimmer, you’ll need to head over to a timebending table and select Fragments on the menu there to begin making it. Here is every fragment and what level your Royal Hourglass needs to be to find them, as well as which piece of furniture they’re needed to craft.

Fragment Royal Hourglass Level Furniture
Broken Sword Level 2 Sword in a Stone
Cracked Palace Tower Level 2 Agrabah Palace Model
Jokester of the Month Frame Level 2 Monster of the Month Frames
Lute Head Level 2 Ice Harvester’s Pallet Bed
Mythic Vase Handle Level 3 Mythic Vase
Pedestal Chunk Level 3 Scrooge’s First Dime
Piano Leg Level 2 Tavern Piano
Tapestry Piece Level 3 Highland Family Tapestry
V8 Decoration Level 3 The V8 Cafe
Wagon Wheel Level 3 Bing Bong’s Wagon

And that’s how you find timebending fragments and use them to craft some really cool character-focused furniture. For more on Disney Dreamlight Valley, check out our comprehensive guides hub.

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