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Here are the Issues That Will Destroy Democrats in the Midterms. Unless GOP is Blind, Deaf, Dumb, or Complicit

by WDC News 6 Staff

By Wayne Allyn Root

By no means within the historical past of America have these phrases utilized extra completely:

“Who you gonna believe- me, or your individual eyes.” –Chico Marx, 1933 film “Duck Soup”

The Democrats are so dumb, they’re actually handing the midterm election to us. As a result of anybody with a mind can see the catastrophe perpetrated by Biden, his radical Marxist handlers, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress, and just about each different Democrat politician throughout America.

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It is a full-on communist assault and takeover of the US. They’re destroying the financial system and making an attempt to wipe out the center class. Anybody can see the disdain, disrespect and hatred Democrats have for center class and dealing class Individuals. And particularly, their obsession and loopy degree of hatred for white straight males.

The query is, is the GOP too blind, deaf, dumb, or complicit to take full benefit of what we are able to all see with our personal eyes?

We don’t need the GOP politicians or marketing campaign consultants to determine the priorities, or design the TV adverts. They’re so ignorant, bribed, blackmailed, cowardly, and/or complicit, they couldn’t discover sand within the Vegas desert. They don’t have any clue what common on a regular basis Individuals suppose.

I’m an S.O.B- son of a butcher. And I all the time suppose like my father the butcher. I’ve extra understanding of what working class and center class American voters are pondering than all of the political massive wigs in DC mixed, SQUARED.

However as a substitute of telling you what common voters suppose, I really requested them. I polled my 20,000 individual database of Wayne Root followers. I requested a easy query…

“What do you suppose is the primary most vital subject for the November midterms?”

And here’s what I discovered. That is EXACTLY what the common working class and center class American voter is pondering.

First, the landslide winner.

Virtually everybody selected the identical prime issue- INFLATION. It is a billion-dollar message to the leaders of the GOP, RNC and Republican politicians from sea to shining sea. Voters are indignant, involved and motivated about many unhealthy issues taking place in America since Biden took over. However nothing compares to inflation- particularly the price of gasoline and groceries.

The subsequent closest reply as the highest precedence for the midterms was open borders and unlawful immigration. Most people who responded with “inflation” added open borders as their second selection.

Coming in third place was the stolen 2020 election, voting fraud and election integrity. All of the liars and morons in DC and the mainstream media who maintain saying the election was truthful and
sq., don’t know squat about what actual Individuals suppose. Everybody with an oz of widespread sense is aware of the election was stolen and the strolling cadaver with masks, diapers and dementia referred to as Joe Biden is the illegitimate president of the USA.

After these three prime points for my 20,000 followers, listed here are just a few extra points that hit the radar display …

*The Nice Reset (aka the communist assault on America).

*China proudly owning Biden and the White Home.

*Authorities corruption and eradicating the Deep State and DC Swamp.

*Over-reach by the federal authorities and the weaponization of federal businesses.

*The mass crime wave and theft epidemic in cities throughout America.

*An finish to vaccine mandates.

*The Democrat Celebration and the left’s hatred for America.

*Faux local weather change.

*Woke academics and communist/CRT/transgender brainwashing in public colleges and faculties.

*The faux information media and the propaganda they unfold.

*Banning and censorship by Social Media.

These are the problems working class and center class voters care about. All of them are vital, however I’ll remind you again-inflation is the difficulty for the midterms.

Now let me add another that I imagine has moved to the very prime of the record in simply the previous few days…

The Democrat Senate passing a invoice including 87,000 IRS brokers and weaponizing them with ads asking for candidates keen to make use of lethal pressure scares the heck out of center class America.

Beneath Democrats, the federal government clearly hates the American individuals. They’re turning the IRS right into a modern-day Gestapo or KGB. These 87,000 brokers will likely be used to destroy common center class Individuals, small enterprise house owners and PTA mothers and dads. All three teams in fact make up the Silent Majority- who votes, helps and donates to the GOP.

The GOP must run nonstop TV adverts exhibiting IRS brokers armed with machine weapons and assault rifles breaking down suburban doorways, pointing weapons on the heads of PTA mothers and dads, throwing grandma to the ground. Then finish every TV advert with this sentence: “When you like an additional 87,000 IRS brokers utilizing lethal pressure towards center class America and small enterprise house owners and PTA mothers, vote Democrat.”

These are the problems that may win a GOP landslide this November, in case you follow the script. If the GOP desires to win. If the GOP isn’t blind, deaf, dumb, or complicit.

That is your roadmap to a landslide victory- as decided by the individuals. Not the DC Swamp.

Wayne Allyn Root is called “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s new TV present will debut in August on Actual America’s Voice TV Community. Wayne’s newest guide, “The Nice Patriot Protest & Boycott E book” is a #1 bestseller. Wayne is now the host of two new TV reveals on Actual America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He’s additionally host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Uncooked & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Community, every day from 6 PM to 9 PM EST. Go to ROOTforAmerica.com for extra data.

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