Hersh: Antony Blinken “Figured Out US Will Not Win War” After CIA Told Him “Ukraine Offense Not Going to Work” | The Gateway Pundit

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The CIA warned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that “the Ukrainian offense was not going to work,“ reports veteran journalist Seymour Hersh. The end of the Biden Regime’s “murderous and failing war policy in Ukraine” is near, Hersh wrote.

Hersh cites an unnamed intel official who said that SecState Antony Blinken “has figured out that the United States” and Ukraine “will not win the war” against Russia. On Thursday, the Washington Post reported the U.S. intel community realizes the Ukrainian offensive will fail to achieve its key goal of taking the southeastern city of Melitopol, a strategic Russian logistics hub.

“The word was getting to (Blinken) through the Agency that the Ukrainian offense was not going to work. It was a show by Zelensky and there were some in the administration who believed his bullshit,“ Hersh’s source said.

“Blinken wanted to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine as Kissinger did in Paris to end the Vietnam war,” according to the official.

Hersh’s source said that the recent peace conference in Saudia Arabia was National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s “baby,” planned as a crowning achievement after a successful Ukrainian counter-offensive. Instead, the Jeddah Peace Conference without Russian attendance fizzled.

Sullivan “planned it to be Biden’s equivalent of (President Woodrow) Wilson’s Versailles. The grand alliance of the free world meeting in a victory celebration after the humiliating defeat of the hated foe to determine the shape of nations for the next generation. Fame and Glory. Promotion and re-election. The jewel in the crown was to be Zelensky’s achievement of Putin’s unconditional surrender after the lightning spring offensive. They were even planning a Nuremberg type trial at the world court, with Jake as our representative. Just one more fuck-up, but who is counting?”

The CIA had warned SecState Blinken that the Spring counter-offensive “was going to be a big lose,” Hersh writes. “Blinken found himself way over his skis. But he does not want to go down as the court jester.”

When war hawk Blinken was “suddenly having doubts,” CIA director Bill Burns “made his move to join the sinking ship,” Hersh writes. Burns may have been jockeying to replace “a disillusioned Blinken,”  according to Hersh, but only got “a token promotion: an appointment to Biden’s cabinet.”

At the same time, “ultra-hawkish” Victoria Nuland was promoted by Biden from Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs to Acting Deputy Secretary of State ”over the heated objections of many in the State Department,” Hersh writes. “She has not been formally nominated as the deputy for fear that her nomination would lead to a hellish fight in the Senate. “

“Tony Blinken, who publicly vowed just a few months ago that there would be no immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, is still in office and, if asked, would certainly dispute any notion of discontent with Zelensky or the administration’s murderous and failing war policy in Ukraine,” Hersh writes. The White House’s “wishful approach to the war, when it comes to realistic talk to the American people, will continue apace,” Hersh said. “But the end is nearing, even if the assessments supplied by Biden to the public are out of a comic strip.”

In November, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said that a victory by Ukraine may not be achieved militarily and that Kiev should look for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. “We may have missed a window to push for earlier talks,” a US official told Politico, admitting that “Milley had a point.”

The governor of Zaporozhye region, Yevgeny Balitsky, claimed “mass desertions” are taking place among Ukrainian conscripts, stating that that approx. 500 Ukrainian soldiers had fled the fighting on the Zaporozhye front. “I just received information that two of the three airmobile battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refused to participate in offensive operations in the direction of our positions due to their low moral and psychological state,” Balitsky wrote on Telegram.

Pro-Russian news channels are currently being censored, making it harder to get a more balanced point of view to contrast with Biden Regime-controlled media. On August 11, YouTube terminated the account of former US intel analyst Scott Ritter and deleted all of his videos. On August 18, the domain of pro-Russian website Southfront.org was taken down internationally “without any advance notice and explanation,” SouthFront writes on Telegram. It has now been replaced with southfront.press. SouthFront has also been censored from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and its volunteers interrogated by the FBI, the pro-Russian platform writes.

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