Jeffrey Wright Says He Hasn’t Seen A Script For The Batman 2 Yet

Interrogating James Gordon actor Jeffrey Wright won’t help reveal any new tidbits about The Batman 2. That’s because Wright admitted he hasn’t even seen a script for the sequel from writer-director Matt Reeves yet.

Speaking with ET, Wright told the interviewer that “you’ve seen as much of a script as I have at this point” regarding The Batman 2, which will once again star Robert Pattinson in the titular role. Though the actor has no problems waiting to see what’s next for his character.

“Clearly, I’m Lt. Gordon at the end of the film, the first film, so we may be moving up in the ranks, I suppose, but I haven’t seen anything yet,” Wright said. “I’m being patient, letting Matt Reeves do his thing–which is going to be magical and wonderful–and looking forward to diving back into it when the time comes.”

A sequel to The Batman was announced shortly after the first film premiered in early 2022. Questions arose about whether the movie would move forward after James Gunn took the reins of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran. But Gunn revealed in January 2022 that The Batman 2 is planned to arrive on October 3, 2025, as a DC Elseworlds film. That means it won’t be part of the new DC movie universe that kicks off theatrically with Superman: Legacy in 2025.

Before The Batman 2, The Penguin TV show will release on Max this year and see the return of Colin Farrell as the villain. The series is apparently set just days after The Batman and will focus on the rise of Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham’s underworld.

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