Jerry Falwell Apologizes For Pic Of Him With Unzipped Pants In Head-Scratching Interview

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The influential evangelical leader called Lynchburg, Virginia radio station WLNI on Wednesday in an attempt to explain the photo.

“You know it was weird, ’cause she was, she’s pregnant, she couldn’t get her pants up, and I was, trying to like — my, I had on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in a long time so I couldn’t get mine zipped either,” he said.

“And so I just put my belly — I just put my belly out like hers,” he added, explaining that the woman in the photo is his wife’s assistant and “a sweetheart.” “I should never have put it up and embarrassed her because, um, anyway, I’ve apologized to everybody and I promised my kids, I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”

You can hear the exchange below. 

A few Twitter users noted that Falwell’s voice sounds slurred throughout the interview.

HuffPost reached out for comment, but no one immediately responded.

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  1. So, remind me why were Falwell and this hot chick he calls “sweetheart,” who is his wife’s personal assistant, vacationing on a yacht together with their pants unzipped? How was it they were both struggling to get their pants up together at the same time?

    He says in his original posting of the photo, the drink was just “black water?” What is Blackwater? Sounds like the name of a microbrew. He claims he couldn’t get his pants up because he was pushing his belly out. That sounds like the kind of problem only a drunk couldn’t solve.

    In a later interview he indicates they were just parodying the movie “Trailer Park Boys” in good, clean fun; but isn’t that the kind of movie with “lewd lyrics and sexual content” he forbids students at Liberty U to watch? When partying with family, which he admits to, it was just “good clean fun.”

    So, his defense is he was hosting a costume party on a yacht where he was parodying a drunk guy who just did it with a hot pregnant chic so they were both struggling to get their pants zipped? This just gets better the further the excuses go! And this from a guy who runs a college committed making certain its students dress with ‘appropriateness’ and ‘modesty’ at all times, reprimanding them if they don’t!

    His defense is that he’s going to TRY to be a good boy from now on. I think he meant, “I’m going to try to be a good ol’ boy from now on.” Good ol’ boys don’t get caught with their pants down.

    The best part actually comes during his defense. In the interview where he defends himself, he sounds like he just called into the station still drunk from the “black water” he had in his hand the night before. ( ) His speech is slow and stammering, and this thoughts sound more slow than his speech. Same good judgment about when to take an interview as he exercised in when to take a photo and when to share it. Pretty sure the judgment calls here speak to a little “black water” drinking problem.

    Yachts are normally safe places for this kind of behavior — far from the all-watching paparazzi -=- but not when drinking too much black water causes you to share your own photos. Of course, after posting the blackface tweet, Falwell isn’t exactly known for good judgment. It harkens back to those photos of Falwell at a Miami nightclub posted by Politico, which Falwell claimed were fake; so Politico posted more.

    The video of the little family orgy is fun, too: It was just one of those little parties where good Christians get to have fun by pretending to be naughty little Christians all smoking fake cigarettes and drinking fake booze. You know the kind.

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