Nintendo just uploaded a bizarre horror game teaser

Nintendo has posted an unusual and unexplained teaser video on its YouTube and social channels, for what appears to be a new horror project.

The teaser features grainy footage of a figure in a trenchcoat wearing a paper bag on their head, with a smiling face drawn on it.

Japanese text at the end of the video translates to “Smiling Man”, while text accompanying the video simply states “#WhoIsEmio” – “Emio” being the Japanese pronounciation of “Smiling Man”.

Who is Emio?Watch on YouTube

The teaser features a Nintendo Switch logo and, in the US version of the video, a mature “M” rating from the ESRB.

Nintendo fans have been quick to comment on the bizarre teaser, which went live at 2pm UK time this afternoon.

“This is extremely weird/out of character for Nintendo,” wrote one person on video game forum ResetEra. “The fact it’s age restricted and the whole tone of video.”

“A new Nintendo Horror IP?” guessed another.

Others suggested this was bizarre viral marketing for Switch 2 (it’s not), or that Emio was an unheard-of third Mario brother. (It’s-a-me, Emio!)

The promience of the teaser on Nintendo’s own channels would typically suggest this is an internal project for Nintendo, which has rarely strayed into the horror genre. We’ve asked Nintendo for more details.

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