OBX is business as usual, but keeping eye on Idalia

NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) — At Jennette’s Pier in South Nags Head, it was a perfect day for the WRV Outer Banks Surf Contest, with strong, big waves from Hurricane Franklin making its way towards Bermuda and beyond.

It showed that it was business as usual on the OBX. The contest runs through Sunday, but there will be no contest held Thursday as the remnants from now Idalia, which made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane but has weakened to a tropical storm, makes its way to the region.

On Wednesday, it was a great day on the beach, and 10 On Your Side found no one preparing or boarding up.

The feeling is to be alert, but not to worry too much. This won’t be the big one.

“The greatest impact of wind is the most concern on Hatteras Island once again,” said Dare County Emergency Management Director Drew Pearson. “Rain is really going to be a challenge, four to eight (inches) of localized flooding that could lead to roads impassable, people need to turn around not drown. In addition to that there is always a tornado threat that comes in the leading edge of a hurricane that may happen overnight.

Surfer Aron Albares was killing it on the board. 10 On Your Side caught him as he came in from a good run in his heat.

“The conditions right now thanks to the hurricane the waves are bigger than the day before,” Albares said. “The waves are amazing right now Glassy waves, perfect waves, four-to-six feet, and all day, they are going to be the same.”

Red flags are up for swimmers, though. It’s too rough.

Sandy Rozum came to Nags Head from Florida, where parts of it just got ripped up by Hurricane Idalia.

“We are certainly thinking about all our other neighbors in northern Florida,” Rozum said. “The state has taken a few hits, and we are watching it come this way. We will see what happens here — glad to have a sunny day here.”

Pearson noted the expected conditions to result from Idalia.

“Across the county, we anticipated to see the winds pick up starting tonight and into tomorrow,” Pearson said. “We are expecting tropical storm-force winds.”

There were lots of people from Hampton Roads, or with ties to Hampton Roads, including WAVY-TV 10 viewer Alex Dayton, who grew up in Williamsburg and now lives in Sarasota, Florida.

“We can’t be too sure because it could take a random turn,” Dayton said, “but we are hoping it hits land and settles out and doesn’t come up the coast.”

Dayton is concerned about wind.

“We are worried about the winds because we are in a house with stilts and (we’re) concerned about flooding and all that,” Dayton said.

At the surf contest, 10 On Your Side also encountered Penny Johnson and her family, here for a Saturday wedding with fingers crossed.

“I’m an optimistic person, so I’m hoping it cuts across Georgia quickly and goes out into the ocean, and keeps on going,” Johnson said, “and keep listening in case it turns towards the Outer Banks.”

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