Palworld is now one of just six games to ever hit more than 1m concurrent players on Steam

Palworld is now the sixth game to ever hit more than a million concurrent players on Steam.

Palworld – described as “Pokémon with guns” – has been breaking records left and right all weekend, and it has now sold more than four million copies since it released in early access on Friday on Steam and Xbox Series X/S.

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All weekend, the monster-collecting survival game has been climbing the charts, and not only is it now Steam’s most popular game all weekend – with a 1.2m concurrent players peak in the last 24 hours alone (that’s more simultaneous players than PUBG, Counter-Strike 2, and Dota 2) – it has also surpassed the concurrent records for games like Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Elden Ring.

And even with a server outage that’s preventing players from jumping on in co-op, right now, Palworld sits just 4000 players shy of Dota 2’s concurrent peak of 1,295,114 players.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, Palworld’s co-op servers have been a little spotty today, and at the time of writing, are still down. Yesterday, developer Pocketpair explained on social media that when Palworld exceeded 700,000 concurrent players, it had to hold “an emergency meeting” with Epic Games to “add an update to the Epic Online Services”, and earlier today, the team said the servers are “currently experiencing outages due to an unusually high load worldwide” once again.

ICYMI, Pocketpair recently advised players not to use the in-game item “Memory Reset Drug” as it may cause a bug that is “impossible to recover” from.

Right now, players who use the “Memory Reset Drug” may see a permanent reduction in their capture power, and whilst the development team says it is investigating the issue, it suggests players “please refrain from using it until the investigation/correction is complete”.

As the multiplayer monster-collecting game continues to clock up staggering sale numbers and break its own concurrent player records over and over again, some less enthused Pokémon fans have taken to social media to share just how similar they think Palworld is to Pokémon.

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