Ricardo De La Cerda – The Millionaire Advertising Expert

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Ricardo De La Cerda – The Millionaire Advertising Expert

Do you know what is the biggest mistake business owners and entrepreneurs make when they open their business and have no idea how to advertise their business and try to appear on google or facebook or newspapers and magazines and on radio and television programs?

If you said NO … then you are in very good company because hardly any business owner knows.

It’s the biggest mistake I’ve seen business owners make over and over over the last 25 years that I’ve been getting publicized …

… And it’s something that many journalists have told me that makes them want to SHOUT and tear their hair out!

So you want to know what it is?

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OK … I’ll tell you …

It’s that they’re trying to get media coverage for their products and services, and they want a journalist to write about them and say how wonderful their business is.

Has that surprised or surprised you?

You may be thinking …

Wait a minute Ricardo, of course I want them to do that, that’s why I want to have publicity in the first place … so I can promote my products and services.

Here I will tell you the truth …

Journalists are not interested in you, your business or your achievements and it is not their job to promote your business (in fact, they could get in a lot of trouble for doing so), they are interested in great stories that are inspiring, educational or entertaining. for your audience and hopefully a mix of all 3.

Journalists are NOT interested in your product (or helping him sell any of them) unless it benefits their audience …

… your product saves people time or money … it has a peculiar element … it is a new way of doing something … does it end a myth?

This is how you get publicity.

Yes, the feature is not usually about your product, but it gives you an incredible opportunity to share your experience and impress your audience (which could be thousands or even millions of people).

… who then come to work with you or buy your products because you have positioned yourself as the IR expert in your niche.

Do you see how it works?

You should present your story idea in a way that benefits the journalist and educates or entertains your audience.

Your mantra for getting HUGE and ongoing publicity is …

“What can I do for them?”


“What can you do for me?”

If you already own or want to open a business of:

Restaurants, Landscaping, Construction, Cleaning, Online Courses, Membership Sites, Group Coaching Programs, High Price Programs, 1-1 Services Made for You, Your Book, Live Events, etc.

… And you need more clients …

… And I would like help to clarify how you can get continuous publicity for your business, so that you have a more constant stream of dream customers who come looking for you, so just get in touch here.

Journalists are looking for business owners like you RIGHT NOW to comment and feature in their media … your job depends on it …

It’s simple…

No interviews or collaborators = no publication or program.

Business owners who know how to play the media game become “media favorites” and are rewarded with more profits.

And that is a happiness!

Knowing how to regularly appear in the media can completely TRANSFORM a business in record time.

If you would like to make a call with us so that we can help you gain clarity on how to get publicity for your business, please reserve a space with us here.

Ricardo De La Cerda

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