Sarajevo Philharmonic opens its Jubilee 100th Concert Season

The Sarajevo Philharmonic opens its jubilee 100th concert season tonight at 20:00 at the National Theatre, when two world-renowned artists, cellist Conradin Brotbek and Ernesto Molinari, clarinetist and composer, will present as guest soloists to the Sarajevo audience.

The director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic, Vedran Tuce, said that the concert season will be marked by numerous program activities, concerts and eminent artists who will visit the capital of BiH in the coming period and from month to month magnify the celebration of that jubilee with their superb performances and skills.

For tonight’s concert, the performance of the Concerto for cello and orchestra in B minor by the Czech composer Antonin Dvořák, and the composition for bass clarinet and orchestra “Red in Blue” by Ernesto Molinari, a composition that was composed for the occasion and will have its world premiere at that concert.

Chief conductor Slaven Kulenović said that the concert will be spectacular, and that he is personally extremely attached to the Sarajevo Philharmonic.

“It is the orchestra thanks to which I gained my first musical experiences and heard my first symphonies and operas. Listening to the Sarajevo Philharmonic, I decided to become a professional musician and especially a conductor,” said Kulenović.

Ernesto Molinari, the clarinetist who wrote the composition “Red in Blue” for this occasion, built his career on stages around the world and played for some of the world’s best contemporary music ensembles.

“I chose the title Red in Blue because those are colors I love, and they represent two different characters in a way, red is more fire and blue is melancholy. My composition has three movements and the first has a jazz character and a somewhat Balkan rhythmic image. The second the movement has a more slow character in its structure, and the third represents a complication of the first two, fire and melancholy,” said Molinari.

Guest concert master Violeta Smailović Huart also stated that she is extremely attached to Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Philharmonic.

“I gladly agreed to this multi-faceted position because I have an address in Paris and many students, not only in Paris but throughout Europe. I don’t feel like a guest here, but like I’m part of the family. As for the personnel issue, I believe in that we are an extremely talented people. Here and there the stars don’t align completely. However, when maximum positive energy is brought, if it is supported by knowledge, people go a kilometer further,” said Smailović Huart.

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Nihad Uk, said that the director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic took advantage of the support of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton in the right way.

“It is no small matter to be the prime minister of Sarajevo Canton during the period when the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra is being celebrated,” said Uk.

He also stated that support for cultural projects will not be absent in the coming period either, Fena reports.

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