‘Tim Rex in Space’ Show

Paramount Global has been in the deal news with its big merger with David Ellison’s Skydance Media. But on Wednesday, two of the company’s kids brands unveiled a deal of their own. Nickelodeon unveiled new animated series Tim Rex in Space, its first global co-production with Channel 5’s Milkshake!

The show will premiere in 2025 on Nickelodeon channels in the U.S. and internationally on Milkshake! in the U.K. 

Tim Rex in Space follows a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) named Tim, his big brother Tommy, little sister Tia, and triceratops bestie Kai as “they tackle kid-shaped adventures with dino-sized solutions in space,” according to a show description. “Tim and his family live in a unique world comprised of a cluster of asteroids that make up the town of Rumbleton. This intergalactic environment is a quintessential 21st-century suburban town, with each asteroid hosting family homes, cafés, shops, parks, and even a beach. All asteroids are connected by a network of slides, ziplines and trampolines, but can also easily be reached on a quick rocket ride.”

The series features Cassian Swan-Mckee as Tim, Ace Gil as Tommy, Hope Delaney as Tia, and Jamie Smart as Kai. The voice cast also includes Stephen Alan Yorke, Nim Miller, Sophia Nomvete, Jessica Robinson, Alex Carter, and Lorraine Bruce.  

‘Tim Rex in Space’

“Nickelodeon has remained committed to leveraging creative storytelling from around the world to produce unique, relevant content that appeals to kids and families worldwide, and Tim Rex in Space is a prime example of that,” said Jules Borkent, managing director and executive vp, kids & family at Paramount. “This U.K.-produced preschool series is authentic and fun, and we are confident the series will be a global success.”

Added Louise Bucknole, general manager, kids & family at Paramount U.K. & Ireland: “This show has been a true global team effort, allowing us to tap into our amazing raft of preschool talent from across the business. Dinosaurs and space are a winning combination for preschoolers the world over.”

Tim Rex in Space was created and is produced by Mint Copenhagen for Nickelodeon and Milkshake!, with animation studio, Jam Media. The series is produced by Josephine Jerris Margolis for Mint, directed by Sam Dransfield (Bossy Bear) with animation director Jess Patterson (Nova Jones), series designer/ art director Joshua Hogan and head writer Andy Potter (Sharkdog, Class Dismissed). Tracy Nampala (Pip and Posy, Ricky Zoom and Thomas and Friends) serves as the VR director. The executives in charge are Niki Williams, senior manager of Nickelodeon Preschool Production and Development, Francesca Alberigi, Paramount International Kids & Family manager of development & production, and Kyle Jenkins, Milkshake! acquisitions and programming director.

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