Weird Al Turns Biden-Trump Debate Into ‘America Is Doomed, The Musical’

The Four Percent

Few people are singing the praises of Tuesday night’s presidential debate, but Weird Al Yankovic did manage to make a noteworthy statement.

The comedy legend posted his latest song Wednesday on The New York Times website: a political pop tune appropriately titled, “America Is Doomed, The Musical.”

The video for the song features Yankovic moderating the debate instead of Chris Wallace, and doing it with a much more emotional tone.

Spoiler alert: Very emotional tone.

The debate ditty opens with this catchy couplet: “2020 is a raging hellscape/any ideas on how to stop a worldwide plague?”

The video also Auto-tunes Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s debate statements to make them hummable, even if you don’t agree with them.

However, as a debate moderator, Yankovic has different priorities than Wallace. For one thing, he’s more obsessed with “murder hornets.”

You can see the complete video above.

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