10 of the Highest Stock Prices in History

The stock price doesn’t always indicate a company’s quality. However, looking at the highest stock prices ever can be worthwhile both for investors and for those interested in the history of the stock market. From chocolate candy makers to mining companies, the list of stocks that have command reached such heights is a diverse list. Here are 10 of the highest stock prices in history.

Key Takeaways

  • Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) commands the No. 1 position, with an impressive stock price of over half a million dollars.
  • Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli (LISN) holds steady at No. 2 with its six-figure stock price of CHF 118,400.
  • Internet phenomena Amazon and Google make the list, with stock prices soaring in the thousands.

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Stock Price vs. Market Capitalization

Before we look at the highest stock prices, let’s touch on the difference between stock prices and market capitalization. While it’s tempting to equate a soaring stock price with a thriving business, the reality is not as straightforward. A company may simply not have a lot of shares outstanding, meaning the overall value of the company isn’t as high as you might think.

Market capitalization, which is calculated by multiplying the stock price by the total number of outstanding shares, provides a better measure of a company’s total value in the eyes of investors. Therefore, as you see the stock prices below, keep in mind that the value of the entity is not driven just by its stock price but by the number of shares it has also issued.

1. Berkshire Hathaway ($600,531)

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is the holding company of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway A shares (BRK.A) traded at $600,531 per share at the close on Feb. 7, 2024.

Notable companies under the Berkshire umbrella include GEICO Auto Insurance and Helzberg Diamonds. Berkshire is also a major shareholder of Apple (AAPL), Bank of America (BAC), and Coca-Cola (KO).

For individuals interested in investing in Berkshire, the company’s B shares (BRK.B) are much more affordable, coming in at $399.15 per share as of Feb. 7, 2024.

2. Lindt & Sprüngli (CHF 123,433)

Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG (LISN) is a Swiss chocolatier established in the 1800s. Most famous for its Lindt Gold Bunny, truffles, and smooth chocolate-filled chocolates, it has expanded well beyond its European borders.

Its brands include well-known Russell Stover, Lindt, and Ghirardelli. The company employs over 14,000 employees and had sales of more than CHF 5.2 billion for 2023.

On Dec. 30, 2021, the company’s stock closed at an all-time high of CHF 123,433 (about $143,736 in U.S. dollars as of Feb. 1, 2024). On Feb. 9 2024, the stock closed at CHF 110,200.

Can’t afford to buy a single share of any of these stocks? Consider investing in mutual funds. A single mutual fund share gives you exposure to multiple stocks at once at a cheaper price.

3. NVR ($7,498.20)

NVR Inc. (NVR) is a homebuilder operating under the names of Ryan Homes, NVHomes, and Heartland Homes. It builds, markets, and sells homes, as well as offers mortgage financing and title insurance, in the U.S.

NVR hit an all-time high of $7,498.20 on Feb. 9, 2024. The pandemic crisis just a few years before was taking a toll on the company, reducing its share price by almost 50% in March 2020. However, it recovered most of those losses within a few months.

4. Seaboard ($4,650.00)

Seaboard Corporation (SEB) is a multinational corporation focusing on agriculture and transportation. The company’s primary focus is pork production and ocean transport.

Seaboard Foods, one of the company’s major businesses, is one of the largest grain and other agricultural product producers in the U.S. The marine division provides shipping services to the Caribbean and Central and South America. Seaboard has milling facilities and sells grain products worldwide. The company is best known by consumers for its significant stake in Butterball Turkey.

On April 18, 2019, the company’s stock price closed at a record high of $4,650.00 per share, worth about $5,581.61 in February 2024, adjusted for inflation. As of Feb. 9, 2024, the company trades at $3,566.02.

5. Amazon ($3,515.29)

Amazon (AMZN) was already hitting its stride before the COVID pandemic hit. Its stock had an initial pullback during the 2020 bear market. However, it soon became clear that Amazon would benefit from the crisis as consumers shifted their shopping online. It reached a closing high of $3,515.29 in Nov. 2021, worth about $3,879 in February 2024. The company split its stock in 2022 and as of Feb. 9, 2024, trades at $174.45.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the second-wealthiest person in the world as of Feb. 1, 2024, with a net worth of roughly $185 billion.

6. Booking Holdings ($3,844.43)

Booking Holdings (BKNG) owns the travel reservation sites and Priceline, two of the biggest players in the online travel industry. Additionally, it also owns OpenTable, the restaurant reservation company. The company hit an all-time high close of $3,844.43 on Feb. 8, 2024.

7. Alphabet ($2,976.21)

Technology giant Alphabet (GOOGL), best known for its Google search engine, reached a closing high of $2,960 on Nov. 14, 2021, about $3,284 in February 2024, adjusted for inflation. The company’s shares have since split, and the stock closed at $123.47 on Feb. 1, 2024.

Google produces revenue through advertising, publishing tools, and the Android operating system. Driving revenue growth is the continued adoption of advertising, which accounts for 80% of Google’s revenue (notably its AdSense and AdWords platforms). Google is part of the global super apps and FAMGA club. Google has products and services in education, GPS navigation, global business mapping, web conferencing, cloud storage, email communication, and even autonomous transportation, along with many other products and services.

8. AutoZone ($2,849.99)

AutoZone (AZO) sells aftermarket auto parts, such as brakes, batteries, engine oil, headlights, drivetrains, and much more. The company’s share price has been steadily increasing since 2021, hitting a closing high of $2,849.99 on Feb. 7, 2024.

9. Texas Pacific Land Corporation ($2,715.06)

Texas Pacific Land Corporation (TPL) is one of the largest landowners in the state of Texas. It has two main business segments, Land and Resource Management and Water Services and Operations. Started in 1871 with a federal charter and a mandate to build a railroad from Texas to California, the company now earns most of its income through oil and gas royalties, land leases, and investments.

The company closed at an all-time high of $2,715.06 on Nov. 7, 2022, worth about $2,984 in February 2024, adjusted for inflation. It has since fallen from that high, closing at $1,466.11 on Feb. 9, 2024.

10. Chipotle Mexican Grill ($2,442.02)

Chipotle (CMG) is known for its fast-casual Mexican restaurants worldwide, serving a variety of burritos, tacos, and other food. The company’s stock has been steadily increasing, closing at a high of $2,719..67 on Feb. 7, 2024.

How Much Does the Share Price Matter?

The price of each share in a company is determined by the supply and demand for that company’s stock in the market. The number of shares you own isn’t as important as the total value of your investment. Buying 10 shares of a lower-priced stock versus one share of a higher-priced stock doesn’t necessarily make a difference in the overall investment value.

What matters more is the percentage change in the share price. For example, whether a $20 stock increases by $2 (10%) or a $200 stock increases by $20 (10%), the increase in value is the same if you invested the same amount of money in both. However, owning more company shares at a lower price could offer more flexibility when selling a portion of your holdings without having to sell an entire share. But with many brokerages now offering fractional shares, this has become less important.

What Was Apple’s Highest Stock Price Ever?

Apple’s highest stock closing price was $199.62.

How Do I Find a Stock’s All-Time High and All-Time Low?

Stock tracking and financial websites like TradingView provide historical data for most stocks. Some allow users to submit queries for specific price ranges, maximums, and minimums.

The Bottom Line

The record-breaking prices of the top 10 stocks of all time underscore not only the remarkable growth of these companies but also signal broader economic trends. Such valuations reflect robust business models and market power, but often also the happenstance that some companies allowed their shares to rise very high before splitting their stocks. For investors, these historic prices highlight the importance of long-term value creation, market timing, and the potential rewards of investing in companies with solid fundamentals and visionary leadership. However, some are cautionary, having dropped from their highs, pointing to the need for diversification and thorough research when investing.

Owning shares in the top 10 highest-priced stocks comes with a notable drawback: less flexibility in trading. The steep price tags on these shares can limit trading opportunities, though, with most brokers allowing sales of fractional shares, such worries are not as necessary as in the past.

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