Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill accused of ‘purposefully’ breaking woman’s leg in civil lawsuit

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill accused of ‘purposefully’ breaking woman’s leg in civil lawsuit

Tyreek Hill faces a civil lawsuit that alleges the Miami Dolphins star broke a woman’s leg during a football drill last summer. 

Social medial influencer Sophie Hall’s lawyers filed the suit in Broward County circuit court on Feb. 23. It alleges Hill “forcefully and purposefully” pushed her to the ground during a football drill at his mansion last summer. The receiver was “humiliated” when Hall sent him backward in a “friendly football” lesson, the lawsuit says, resulting in him charging at her “violently and with great force.”

“The crushing force was so great that she sustained a right leg fracture, necessitating surgery with metal hardware implantation,” the lawsuit says. 

The influencer is seeking as much as $75,000 in damages. The civil lawsuit was filed on charges of battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. 

“We were made aware of it,” Dolphins GM Chris Grier said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. “We were in communication with NFL security, so I really can’t comment on anything of that until we get all our information and find out what happened. For us, Tyreek has been a good addition for us, but in terms of all the off-field stuff, we’ll have to get all the information before we can really comment on it.”

Hall, who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, says in the lawsuit that she met Hill in May 2023 when her son attended Hill’s summer football camp in Boca Raton, Florida. Per court documents, the eight-time Pro Bowler direct-messaged Hall through Instagram the day after she registered for son for his camp, asking to “meet up and get to know her.” In later messages, Hill invited her to fly out to meet him and stay at his house for a few days. 

The suit says Hall reached Hill’s house on June 28, and that afternoon she watched Hill practice in his backyard with his trainer before he invited the 6-foot-1 model to join offensive line drills with him. According to the complaint, Hall pushed Hill back during the first rep of their drill, causing the people in his backyard — Hill’s mother, sister, friend and trainer — to laugh.

“Apparently embarrassed by his loss of stability as a result of contact by a woman during the ‘football play,’ Mr. Hill’s attitude changed and he became angry,” the lawsuit says. 

The suit says Hill minimized Hall’s injury despite her being unable to help herself up and walk because of Hill running at her. Hall’s complaint states she was diagnosed with a right leg fracture last July and is still in physical therapy for regular pain and instability in her leg.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Hill’s former team, suspended Hill when there were allegations that he abused his son in 2019. The NFL did not end up suspending him after an investigation into those claims. Hill also pled guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation after choking his then-fiancée, who was pregnant at the time. He was kicked off of the Oklahoma State football team as a result and had to finish his collegiate career at University of West Alabama. Hill was given probation for three years as a consequence. 

As recently as last August, the Miami-Dade police investigated Hill after he was accused of slapping a 57-year-old man in an argument at Haulover Marina in Miami. Charges were never filed. 

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