New Lost In Cult Book Chronicles The Rich History Of Console Gaming

New Lost In Cult Book Chronicles The Rich History Of Console Gaming

The long history of video games is full of interesting stories, and if you’re looking for some reading material on the subject, you can lock in a preorder for The Console Chronicles for $40 at Amazon. Out on October 1, this hardcover book published by Lost in Cult chronicles five decades of console gaming through a series of essays from writers across the industry.

The Console Chronicles

There are nine key sections–each one corresponding to the nine console generations–and these stories recount technical triumphs, game-changing disruptions in the scene, and major headline-making moments.

If you’re interested in seeing how games progressed as both an artistic medium and an industry, this book will make for some essential and insightful reading. This book is a collaborative effort between Lost In Cult and Hookshot Media (Nintendo Life, Push Square), and it features a great cover by artist Stephen Maurice Graham. Lost in Cult has been producing several fun historical books like this, and in case you missed it, A Handheld History is a comprehensive celebration of portable platforms and their iconic games. The Console Chronicles will look great on the shelf alongside A Handheld History.

Lost in Cult’s newest installment in its series of gaming journals, Lock-On, is also rolling out soon. The sixth volume features over 400 pages of essays, interviews, and artwork inspired by a wide variety of games like Metroid Prime, Alan Wake, and Oxenfree, and has a cover designed by Final Fantasy Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.

Disclosure: GameSpot’s Brendan Hesse contributed to The Console Chronicles.

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