Safer, swifter, smaller scar: New brain surgery approach targets difficult tumors at skull base

Tumors arising in the base of the skull are among the most difficult to remove in neurosurgery. The current treatment…

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Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 (2024) Review: Portable Powerhouse Gaming

The Mini LED display is the primary differentiator between last year’s Strix Scar 18 model. Both can be upgraded to…

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Metal scar found on cannibal star

When a star like our Sun reaches the end of its life, it can ingest the surrounding planets and asteroids…

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Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert Reveals ‘New Haircut’ & Skull Surgery Scar In Emotional Update!

Hayley Erbert has a message for everyone following her terrifying health battle. You may have heard Derek Hough‘s wife underwent…

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Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert Shares Her Skull Surgery Scar

“It’s been wild going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows,” the Dancing With the Stars judge shared in…

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