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What to Buy (and Skip) at Trader Joe’s This Winter

Dark Chocolate Rondos Sprinkled with Raspberry & Strawberry & Tart Cherry
If you’re wondering if Trader Joe’s coined “rondos,” you’re right. (This is a limited holiday season product.) Imagine if a chocolate bar was round, and that’s it, plus red sparkles. Not much mystique, but if you love dark chocolate, get after it.

Raisin Walnut Apple Bars
Never trust a baked good that looks like a wooden clog. Dry, bready, and studded with tannic walnuts, these would make better chalkboard erasers than snacks.

Cheese & Crackers

herbes de provence triangles

Herbes de Provence Triangles
Puff pastry doesn’t keep its flaky texture when it’s trapped in a foil bag, so these triangular pillow puffs were somewhat crisp, with not enough salt. We took them apart to eat with cheese and didn’t miss them when they were gone.

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